0% Sales Tax Warehouse with Full Logistics Services


Shipo can perform the complete process required in order to prepare the returned items for reselling. We are equipped to perform the following operations, in line with the seller’s instructions. Once the product has been restored and is ready for reselling, we will either ship it back to Amazon (for FBA) or send it to the buyer.

Fulfilment Center

We offer on-line sellers the option of connecting their seller account, such as eBay, Woo Commerce, Wix or Shopify to Shipo Platform. A sales transaction will produce a shipping label and the item will be processed for shipping to the buyer. Following fulfillment, we will inform the relevant buyer to complete the process and provide them with the tracking number and buyer’s data.

Storage & Container Unloading

Our Delaware storage facility offers both short-term and long-term storage for any volume. We will accommodate anything, from container loads to pallets and individual boxes, for any storage period. We offer a lower-cost alternative to the fees charged by Amazon and other facilities, with a rate guarantee. Once you have finalized your LTL or SPD shipping plan to Amazon, we will take it from there.

Worldwide Parcel Shipping

One of the best ways to minimize shipping volume, thereby reducing shipping costs, is efficient consolidation.
Our Delaware facility offers a free consolidation service for domestic and international shipments.

FBA Preparetion

Storing your inventory at Shipo’s Delaware facility offers you a convenient and cost-effective solution for preparing your goods for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). We will handle any updates, changes or revisions you may require, such as updating product barcodes, downsizing, repackaging, attaching safety labels or any other operation required in order to comply with Amazon’s regulations. Have your products prepped at our warehouse instead of hauling them back and forth to Amazon’s warehouse!